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Domestic Church Project Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

Welcome back to the Domestic Church Project Podcast. This week we are kicking off our family’s journey through the Domestic Church Project Bootcamp, a 6 week experience for the whole family that will train you to establish and lead your own Domestic Church. We currently have about 500 families going through the Bootcamp inside of our app, and we are taking our family through the Bootcamp for the 2nd time.

The first week of the DCP Bootcamp is called “Demo.” We spend this time looking around our home and wondering, do we really have room for God here? Next, we look at our calendars and wonder if we are making any time for God. Each night the family takes on a small challenge designed to help them make lasting changes that will allow Jesus to dwell in their home.

So that’s the content of the DCP Bootcamp. In this episode Bill and I talk about how all of this played out (and continues to play out) in our home. We talk about our prayers space, how we deal with over commitments and clutter and distractions. We are definitely a work in progress, but we are here to share our small victories and struggles because we are all on this journey together!

If you are interested in taking your family through the DCP Bootcamp, we will be enrolling new families right around Ash Wednesday. Head to for more info and to sign up for our email list so that you don’t miss this small window of enrollment.

We can make space and time for Jesus. We can!

In Christ,

Nancy and Bill