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Domestic Church Project Podcast

Feb 11, 2021

Welcome back to the Domestic Church Project Podcast. This week we were delighted to have Matt Pinto, the founder of former president of Ascension Press, on the podcast. Although with his work at Ascension, Matt is also the father of six kids.

Having Matt Pinto on the podcast felt like the perfect time to tackle an important topic: Scripture. More specifically, how do we make Scripture a bigger part of our families and our homes.

This was an especially fun topic to talk about right now due to Ascension’s smash-hit new podcast, The Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike. Are you listening to this podcast? We are! And so are a LOT of other people. In fact, this simple podcast, which is mostly just Fr. Mike reading the Bible, was the TOP PODCAST on apple for several weeks at the beginning of the year. Crazy. With Matt Pinto we talk about where the idea for the podcast came from and what lasting impact he thinks this podcast will have on the world.

In our conversation we also covered ways to weave Scripture into life at home. Matt shared that his family uses Jesus Calling at the dinner table. Nancy shared that one of the instrumental tools in her own journey with scripture has been the scripture studies created by Jeff Cavins for Ascension Press. She heartily recommends the Walking Toward Eternity that Jeff Cavins wrote with his wife Emily ( and, of course, the Great Bible Timeline (

We had such a fun time talking with Matt and soaking in all of the wisdom he had to share about falling in love with Scripture and raising a good and holy family.

If you are interested in finding even more tools to lead and guide your family, we encourage you to join us inside of the Domestic Church Project app, which will be enrolling new families February 15th-19th.

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Thanks for being here!

Bill and Nancy