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Domestic Church Project Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

Welcome back to the Domestic Church Project Podcast. We are thrilled to be hosting the Sequieiras this week! Lourdes and Glen are the parents of two young boys, and they are also graduates of the Domestic Church Project Bootcamp. Along with roughly 100 other families the Sequieiras went through the DCP Bootcamp, a 6 week experience for the whole family, as par of our Beta test during the fall of 2020. we currently have over 500 families going through the DCP Bootcamp and in today’s episode they share about their experience. As you listen we invite you to ponder if this program is right for your family right now!

The Sequieiras live in California, and like many families there lives have been reshaped by COVID. Glen is a teacher, so he now works from home. The boys were both in public school and are home as well. During the first shut down the family started to listen to the Catholic Sprouts Podcast and it was through that that they become interested in doing the Domestic Church Project Bootcamp.

One of our favorite things to discuss with families is how the parents grew up—meaning did they grow up in a Domestic Church, or is this all new to them too!? And just so you know, both Bill and I had wonderful childhoods, but we can’t really say that we grew up in a Domestic Church—although we hope that our kids will say that one day! If you feel like you have NO IDEA where to even start when building a Domestic Church, you are not alone. Anyway, we also touched in this conversation on what Glen and Lourdes grew up seeing in their homes, and how they have worked to carry over some of those things and transcend others.

The Sequieiras families can say that the DCP Bootcamp was transformative for them, and they invite other families to come of this journey with them! We are currently enrolling families in our DCP app, which houses the Bootcamp. If you are ready to build and lead your Domestic Church, then I invite you to check out all of the details. Just head here:

We will be closing enrollment on Friday at midnight, and we don’t plan to open back up until roughly May 1.

Thank you for listening, and we hope to walk this journey with you. After all, we are all called to build and lead a Domestic Church, even you!

Have a blessed Lent!

In Christ Jesus,

Nancy and Bill