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Domestic Church Project Podcast

Mar 18, 2021

Welcome back to the Domestic Church Project Podcast. We hope that your Lenten journey is going well. We have had lots of good times and hard times, and we are all collectively yearning for Easter!

This week we are joined by Amanda and Chis Costello. They are a military family. They have two children and they are currently homeschooling. They are also graduates of the DCP Bootcamp.

We wanted to talk to the Costellos and just basically hear about their Domestic Church. After all, we all are called to lead a Domestic Church but that doesn’t mean that they are the same! They way we teach the faith, pray and have fun together can will be radically different and it’s beautiful to peak into another Domestic Church and observe how they do things!

We talk about a lot of things including their individual backgrounds, things that ignited their Faith and how they teach the faith in the home.

One powerful part of the conversation was when Chris shared how going through the DCP Bootcamp actually prompted him to go to confession. He hadn’t been to confession in years. Although he had undergone a reversion, something was stopping him from actually going to confession. And so, it took a ten year old daughter to get him there. Pretty amazing.

We aren’t currently enrolling families in the DCP Bootcamp or app, but we plan to open up enrollment right around May 1. so, if you are listening around that time frame, we invite you to click here to join us:

In Christ Jesus,

Nancy and Bill