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Domestic Church Project Podcast

Dec 2, 2020

We are all busy. Too busy, in fact. And teaching the Faith in our homes is just one more thing. Plus, when will I have time to prep the lessons, gather the craft supplies and scroll for ideas on Pinterest?!?

okay, stop and take a breath.

We told you last week that you need to be the primary educator of your child’s faith…and this week we are going to tell you HOW you can do this without prepping and crafting. In fact, teaching the faith this way can be accomplished in the little pockets of time you already spend with your kids: over meals and in the car.


Don’t lecture, don’t craft (unless you want to). Instead, engaged in regular, authentic conversations about the Faith in your home. It’s that easy! And, if the kids ask you a question that you can’t answer, find the answer together.

Simple—but so powerful! Research shows that having Faith Conversations is the most effective way to pass the Faith onto you kids.

Listen for some ideas and let’s get to work teaching through conversations!

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