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Domestic Church Project Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

Welcome back to the Domestic Church Project Podcast!

This week we are chatting about practical and meaningful things that you can do in your Domestic Church to more fully enter into the Triduum. And in case that term is new to you, the Triduum is the time when we mark the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. The Triduum begins on the evening of Holy Thursday and concludes the evening of Easter Sunday.

How do we mark these days? Well, before we get into that, we want to stress our #1 tip. TAKE THE WHOLE FAMILY TO AS MANY OF THE LITURGIES AS POSSIBLE. If possible we take the whole crew to the Holy Thursday Mass, to the Good Friday Service AND to the Easter Vigil. And yes, our kids are regular bad kids. But, they usually really like to go to these special liturgies. They are unique and interesting! Feet washing! Candles! Touching the cross!

Anyway, it’s hard, and this year George is at a really tough age, but we plan to take everyone to everything anyway. And so, that is our number one tip!

Here is a quick list of possible things to do in your Domestic Church (meaning at home) each day of the Triduum:

  • Holy Thursday

    • Seder Meal 

    • Wash Feet

  • Good Friday

    • Fasting (even the kids)

    • Do all the miserable jobs

    • Pray the Stations of the Cross at 3pm

  • Holy Saturday

    • Day of quiet and preparation

    • Decorate Easter eggs 

    • Bake and cook for the following day

  • Easter Sunday

    • Sing Alleluia! 

    • Enjoy all the new life you can.

    • Feast! 

You, of course, are not limited to doing these things during the Triduum. We just hope this was helpful!

And, from our home to yours—have a blessed Triduum!

In Christ Jesus,

Nancy and Bill